Iris formosana  Ohwi, 1934
 Kingdom Plantae  植物界
 Phylum Magnoliophyta  木蘭植物門
 Class Liliopsida  百合綱
 Order Liliales  百合目
 Family Iridaceae  鳶尾科
 Genus Iris  鳶尾屬
 Iris formosana   Ohwi, 1934  臺灣鳶尾 [特有]

Iris formosana Ohwi, 1934 臺灣鳶尾

The Iris formosana is endemic to Taiwan and found in medium-altitude mountainous areas, enjoying a cool to warm climate as well as shady and moist conditions. The most attractive feature of this iris is its light purple blossom that appears in spring. Its flower appears to have a total of six petals, the three larger ones being spotted and actually evolved forms of the stamens. With its elegant beauty and pose, this iris is suited to growing in the shady part of a yard or in a planter appreciated under such conditions. Due to decreasing numbers in the wild, if you should happen to come across it in the mountains, cherish the moment by not picking it or harming the surroundings.