Data Sources and Acknowledgements

Sources of TaiBIF Data

TaiBIF databases contain species data from TaiBNET (Catalog of Life in Taiwan), specimen data from TELDAP (Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program), species descriptions from Biota Taiwanica, species occurrence data from government agencies and organizations, literature information from Eco-engineering Project, etc. The major sources of TaiBIF’s ecological photos are the Forestry Bureau’s “Enrichment and Integration of Taiwan Biodiversity Databases” project and upload from users to the TaiBNET website.


The sponsoring Institutions for TaiBIF include the Ministry of Science and Technology (previously known as NSC, National Science Council), Council of Agriculture, and Academia Sinica. Special thanks go to Ching-jyh Shieh (formal Deputy Minister of NSC), Ching-Fong Chang (Deputy Minister of NSC), Wen-Chang Chang and Yau-Huei Wei (both formal Director General, Department of Life Sciences, NSC), Chi-Hang Yang and Wei-Chung Wang (both formal Director General, Department of International Cooperation, NSC), Kwang-Lung Lin (Director General, Department of International Cooperation, NSC), and Shen-Da Fuh (Program Manager, Department of International Cooperation, NSC) for their support and funding so that TaiBIF team members are able to attend international conferences on GBIF. Thanks also go to TaiBIF databases’ collaboration government agencies and research institutions such as the Forestry Bureau; Science & Technology Policy and Information Center, National Applied Research Laboratories; National Plant Genetic Resources Center, Agricultural Research Institute; Taiwan Forestry Research Institute; Fisheries Research Institute; Fisheries Agency; Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute; and National Parks Division, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior.

(Last modified in April 2012)