ROC (Chinese Taipei) National Committee for GBIF


The ROC (Chinese Taipei) National Committee for GBIF, an interagency committee on biodiversity data integration, was established in March 2008 to procure a unified database format and technology to facilitate Taiwan’s database integration.


1. Steering Committee

Chairman: Chien-Jen Chen (陳建仁副院長), Academia Sinica

Member: Jeng-Jiann Chiu (裘正健司長), Ministry of Science and Technology

Member: Li-Hao Kuan (管立豪組長), Forestry Bureau

Member: Wen-Hsiung Li (李文雄主任), Academia Sinica

Member: Kuo-Yun Fang (方國運主任), Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute

Member: Chau-Chin Lin (林朝欽研究員), Taiwan Forestry Research Institute

Executive Secretary: Kwang-Tsao Shao (邵廣昭研究員), Academia Sinica

2. Natural Member

The 9 members are Chien-Jen Chen (陳建仁), Academia Sinica; Shen-da Fuh (傅顯達), Ministry of Science and Technology; Kuo-tsai Pan (潘國才), Council of Agriculture; Wei-Guan Zhang (張維銓), Ministry of Interior; Chien-Cheng Chen (陳建成), Ministry of Economic Affairs; Jui-Chu Wu (巫瑞菊), Council of Indigenous Peoples; Stephen J. H. Yang (楊鎮華), Ministry of Education; Yu-Chi Chu (朱雨其), Environmental Protection Administration; and Chih-Yi Wang (王智益), Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

3. Appointed Member

The 19 members are Jeng-Jiann Chiu (裘正健), Ministry of Science and Technology; Li-Hao Kuan (管立豪), Forest Bureau; Kwang-Tsao Shao (邵廣昭), Academia Sinica; Eric Yen (嚴漢偉), Academia Sinica; Der-Tsai Lee (李德財), Academia Sinica; Wen-Hsiung Li (李文雄), Academia Sinica; Ching-I Peng (彭鏡毅), Academia Sinica ; Kuo-Yun Fang (方國運), Endemic Species Research Institute; Chii-Cherng Liao (廖啟成), Food Industry Research and Development Institute; Fang-Pang Lin (林芳邦), National Center for High-performance Computing; Chun-Ming Lin (林峻銘), Forest Bureau; Chyi-Rong Chiou (邱祈榮), National Taiwan University; Chau-Chin Lin (林朝欽), Taiwan Forestry Research Institute; Hsueh-Jung Lu (呂學榮), National Taiwan Ocean University; Wen-Hao Chou (周文豪), National Museum of Natural Science; Ching-Yi Liu (劉靜怡), National Taiwan University; Chih-Hong Sun (孫志鴻), National Taiwan University; Pei-Fen Lee (李培芬), National Taiwan University; and Yuei-An Liou (劉說安), National Central University.

(Last modified in April 2014)